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How “Being“ Inspires “Doing” (Fueled by Birds, Starfish, and Seal Pups!)

Let’s face it, we’re a culture of “doers”, spinning our wheels with endless to-do lists and rarely stopping to breathe. But it’s in our “being” that our “doing” is fueled in more meaningful, purpose-driven, and interconnected ways. Being happens through creativity, contemplation, solitude, quiet, and movement that fills our soul – like a walk in the woods, gardening, dancing, or a paddle in the ocean. When the soul tugs at us with its quiet persistence, and when we actually pay attention, we’re then able to heed the call for expansion. When we implement this call for expansion through our doing, we’re living on purpose. It’s in our being that we reconnect to the truth of who we are.

Life is a delicate balance between being and doing. Expansion is prompted by being and implemented through doing. There’s a beautifully synergistic relationship between being and doing that leads us towards our greatest authentic expression.

This little snapshot of an afternoon of “being” has turbo-charged my “doing” in indescribable ways. Being is the fuel for creation. Doing is creation itself.

Enjoy this beautiful experience of Being as seen through my eyes. I hope it inspires you to “do” in ways that honor your own soul.

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