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UP #04: The Power Of Love As The New Face For Activism With Anita Krajnc And Mary Fantaske

UP #04: The Power of Love as the New Face for Activism with Anita Krajnc and Mary Fantaske

Today’s podcast interview is one that is especially close to my heart at this particular time. You see, October 26, 2013 marked the commencement of a new chapter in my life. It was the symbolic day that my partner and I along with our furry family of 8 cats and 2 dogs left the comfort of our family and friends in Ontario and embarked on a cross-country journey towards a new life on the west coast of British Columbia.

It also meant that for the better part of a week during our cross-country journey, I would need to leave the security of my bubble of compassion and venture into the world of the collective coma comprising today’s prevailing cultural paradigm.

I knew before embarking on this lengthy journey that I would see some of the most beautiful sights that nature could offer. I also knew that I would witness some of the ugliest realities created by humanity. I’ve done this trip before. Three times to be exact. And it’s always hard on my soul. But stay with me here because there is much light at the end of this tunnel.

As expected, only 3 days into the journey, the low vibration of the collective energy field rattled me to the core. Forests, transformed from their initial beauty into ugly barren moonscapes – demolished by clearcut logging. An ongoing barrage of men in pickup trucks carting guns, crossbows, ATV’s, and the bodies of murdered wildlife. Most upsetting of all was the relentless, endless convoy of cruelty in the death trucks transporting countless terrified sentient beings to a premature, violent and mechanized ending. I’m talking about the transport trucks shipping innocent animals to slaughter. There was no foreseeable end to the trucks coming and going in every conceivable direction from sunrise to sunset and likely well into the darkest hours of night. It highlighted for me the sheer magnitude of the illness that is the voracious appetite for the suffered flesh of innocent beings that has been rationally normalized in today’s society. The desperate fear emanating from each and every death truck was palpable. It was haunting and it was heartbreaking.

Interspersed amongst this unconscious violence was signage for hunting camps, baited bear hunts, and billboards advertising women’s shelters and other forms of help for female victims of violence. Even writing this two weeks later hurts my heart.

Animal feedlots, auction houses, and slaughterhouses were also in plain sight of the main highway as we made our way westward. Admittedly, there were days where it was utterly impossible to find the beauty in our species.

It’s not often that I throw myself into the world of the collective coma because it creates despair. And it hurts – it really hurts. I much prefer to surround myself with people who live from the essence of their compassion and a higher level of consciousness. This trip left me feeling broken – and dumbfounded with the extreme level of unconscious violence still prevalent in today’s world.

But just as I feel myself plummet into the depths of despair, the Universe shines her light – to remind me of who I am at my core – love…and hope. Two red foxes playing off in a field. An eagle majestically gliding in the sky. A beautiful sunrise. A gorgeous prairie sunset. The rugged, majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. A funky dude at a full-serve gas station in the middle of nowhere whose smile lights up the sky. Yes, I take notice. And I feel the healing influence of the natural world in my soul.

Despite the heaviness I feel about the insane reality of the rationally accepted violence that includes the consumption of animal flesh and secretions, I have a strong belief that one day we will look back on this paradigm with disgust and horror – just as we have with previous historical paradigms of extreme rationalized violence. And I have a strong intuitive feeling that I’ll witness this massive shift in my lifetime. This is the hope that I hold in my heart that keeps me believing that we will once again find our way back to the love that we are at our core. The love that remembers that “thou shalt not kill” includes all living beings.

Life can sometimes be hard when we love planet earth and all of her living beings so much. There’s pain in living consciously in an unconscious world.

So how do we live a fully alive and awake presence within a collective trapped in the coma of cultural conditioning? The only answer is to remain steadfast in the truth within our hearts and to live from the Essence that shines at the very core of our being. Over the years, I’ve found ways to transform that pain into love-based action to make a difference for others while remaining fully connected to my Essence. It’s important to know the truth of what goes on in today’s world – the truth that is so skillfully hidden from the masses. The sad reality is that if we continue to buy into the plethora of lies in today’s world, we perpetuate the ongoing unconscious violence of today’s cultural paradigm. It’s painful to know the truth. But the beauty of that pain is that it can easily be transformed into fuel for conscious momentum – for living a life of awareness and love-filled action that elevates the collective consciousness and makes a significant difference in the lives of the victims of today’s rationalized, industrialized oppression.

Witnessing so many slaughter trucks filled with fearful animals being transported to a premature ending made me realize not only the selfishness, violence, and cruelty of this culturally accepted system, it also made me realize the absurd lunacy of it as well. This is a system that needs to collapse. It’s a system that needs to be relegated to the history books of a species that lost its way and forgot its connection, compassion and love for all living beings. This is also a system in a paradigm that is destroying us as a species with all of its global implications – not just the massive scale violence towards animals, but also the enormous contribution to climate change, pollution, widespread preventable illness and global starvation.

This is also a system that is being brought into the public awareness by a collective of loving individuals out of Toronto who, through their weekly peace vigils, are elevating consciousness by bringing an ugly hidden reality into our conscious awareness. For most people this reality is so painful that few are willing to bear witness. This fact alone already says so much in that we already know in our hearts that this system is terribly wrong. It’s a very loud message from our spirits that if we can’t even entertain the reality of the suffering that our lifestyle choices demand, then we already know inherently in our souls that those choices are wrong.

Today’s podcast is about light. It’s about living as a blinding beam of consciousness in a culture desperate for Truth. Today I have the honor of presenting an inspiring and thought-provoking interview with Anita Krajnc and Mary Fantaske of Toronto Pig Save – two beautiful women who are raising consciousness by exposing the dark, ugly side of humanity and connecting us to our Essence – and to all life through the most powerful force of all – love. These two amazing women have created a movement of light that has gone global – and they’re here to remind us that we’re as contagious in our love as we are in our fear.

Which one do you choose?

Enjoy today’s inspiration!


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