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UP #17: Making Every Day Count With Gillian Mandich And Ange Peters

UP #17: Making Every Day Count with Gillian Mandich and Ange Peters

There’s a great old 70’s song by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band called “Blinded By the Light”. When I think of today’s podcast guests, that song starts playing in my mind (I know, I know, I’m dating myself).

In a world where so many people just ho-hum their way through life, it’s the people who fearlessly lead with their hearts that inspire the masses to shake off the collective hypnosis of status-quo conformity to instead, wake up to their authentic magnificence.

Gillian Mandich and Ange Peters are two amazing beacons in a world that could never have enough light.

These two absolutely inspire me with their go-for-it, joyful, and fearless attitude towards life. They also give me alot of hope for our younger generation.

Gillian and Ange are the dynamic duo behind the popular Holistic Health Diary podcast where their mission is to inspire listeners to “live for the greener good by eating more green, living more green, and spending their green responsibly”.

Gillian is actually one of the people who inspired me to pursue this podcast. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

These two women have a beautiful friendship that has the depth of two true soul-sisters and being in their presence makes me vibrate with excitement and hope for a more passionate world.

In today’s interview we dig deep into some really great topics such as:

• Living a life that really matters while not taking anything for granted.
• Being a student of your body and connecting to what vibrant health really feels like.
• Mixing mindfulness with wellness.
• Living fearlessly through purpose.
• How leading with your heart over-rides all fear.
• Making every day count.
• What is meditation? (Hint: it’s far less complicated than you may think).
• How a spiritual practice is as simple as being grounded in connection and service.
• The power of purpose to drive your life.

Gill and Ange are both young, physically beautiful (in a very healthy and natural way), and, above all else, they just ooze a passion for life that is positively palpable. They have amazing future’s ahead and I feel truly honored to have such fantastic fire-starters in my life.

Enjoy this inspiring and fun-loving interview.


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