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UP #11: The Alchemy Of Life. Turning Adversity Into Gold With Dr. Andra Brosh

UP #11: The Alchemy of Life. Turning Adversity into Gold with Dr. Andra Brosh

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dr. Andra Brosh and spending five days with her at a life-altering writing retreat in Carmel, California last February. It was transformative in so many ways. We were a tight knit group of five women filled with enthusiasm, passion and dreams that were ready to be birthed into reality.

We shared the same living space. We shared meals together. We shared laughter. We shared tears. We shared our respective journey’s to the very moment that brought each of us together for that magical week.

Andra stood out. Her essence shone brightly through the warmth of her smile and the continued wisdom of every spoken word. I immediately knew that she would be someone very special in my life. Little did I know how special she would become. It was during a group brainstorming session that Andra said one thing that changed my life. She heard something special in the story that I was sharing about myself, grabbed on to it, and ran with it. And it forever changed my life. It’s one of the reasons that this podcast is now available to you. Dr. Andra Brosh will always be a very special woman in my life – and I suspect that after listening to this inspiring interview, she’ll be a very special woman in your life as well.

Andra’s path to such deep wisdom wasn’t an easy one. As a matter of fact, she’s had to move through some extremely painful life events which included a 20 year marriage that ended in an unexpected and sudden divorce, as well as having to face the life-altering experience of surviving breast cancer – all before the age of 45. Her world was forever changed after moving through these two very significant events.

Andra’s chosen vocation as a clinical psychologist is one she’s embraced with deep spiritual wisdom and a passion to truly make a difference in the lives of others. Her extensive training as a clinician has given her the respected title of “Doctor”, however, what makes her truly excel at her calling is the pain and struggle that she’s courageously faced and gracefully moved through in life. As the saying goes, life is the greatest teacher.

In today’s interview we discuss many thought-provoking topics including:

• How self-judgement and expectations block the connection to your authentic self.
• The importance of loving it all and realizing the beauty within imperfection.
• How people-pleasing takes you away from your core.
• How internal trust is the key to living an authentic life.
• The problem with advice and the power of embracing uncertainty.
• The dangers of social media that can bring up worthiness issues.
• The importance of knowing who you truly are in order to live your best life.


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