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Fully Conscious…Alive!

I confess that there are few conversations I’m interested in engaging anymore. Between the monotonous drone of the status quo with their impenetrable denial and unwavering commitment to business-as-usual; hope-filled activists with their magical thinking for a “better” world in a time of converging, insoluble crises; or drama-fixated “doomers”, desperately trapped in their anger and grief from the growing litany of global misery; I feel exhausted. Given the limited options for conversations that light me up these days, I much prefer the tranquility of my own company.

There are exceptions, however. I thrive in the company of my partner and our goofy houseful of rescued animals. I feel awe in the presence of birds, animals and the natural world—even in Gaea’s severely compromised state. I feel great joy in the company of the handful of people I call, friends. I truly am blessed.

There is one person who lights me up like no other. That person is Louise LeBrun. Not only do we have boundless, life-changing conversations, we laugh a lot. And we laugh often. Our paradigm-altering conversations often defy space/time reality.

Recently I was invited to join Louise in conversation with Dean Walker on the Poetry of Predicament podcast. Because I have great appreciation for Dean’s curiosity and willingness to wonder and wander, I accepted the invitation. As Louise said on her blog, “…if you’re up for moving beyond the need for answers and into the domain of expanded lines of enquiry, you just might enjoy listening to this one as much as we did creating it.”

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