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Alice Forrest

UP #99: Our Plasticized Oceans and How We’re Now Eating Our Own Trash with Alice Forrest

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, shall we be saved.” —Jane Goodall

Spread over an area of 360 million square kilometers, the worlds oceans cover more than 70% of planet Earth.

Because the volume is so immense, almost all of the Earths available living space consists of water.

One of the great contradictions of the oceans is that despite the fact that they make up the bulk our planet, they remain the most mysterious of the Earth’s ecosystems.

According to historians and archaeologists, humans evolved from the ocean. But the very ocean that we evolved from is far removed from us today. In less than 200 years, we’ve violently disrupted four billion years of natural history. Our collective separation from the web of life is destroying every inch of the Earth…and the very soul of who we are. Everything around us suffers from our existence. We leave dirty footprints everywhere we go. No matter what we do, our consumptive cultural mindset is destroying the natural world around us. We spit out polluting materials into all directions: the air, the soil, the rivers, streams, lakes, and the ocean.

The oceans are the support system for all life on earth and if we don’t care about the oceans, we don’t care about life on Earth. As marine biologist and ocean explorer Sylvia Earle says, “No water, no life. No blue, no green.”

With a rapidly increasing human population indoctrinated into the same paradigm of separation and consumption, the future looks very bleak, if there is a future to be had at all.

So how do we live fully and lovingly in a world that is becoming increasingly uninhabitable? How do we stay sane in a dying world? It’s easy to become overwhelmed and disengaged when we look at the overall grim picture. Combine this with how few people actually give a damn, and it’s a perfect recipe for immovable grief, denial, ignorance, and despair. But what does this do? Even if it is too late, why would we choose to remain trapped in the inertia of despair, ignorance and denial over the ignition of engagement, presence, and activation?

This week, I speak with Alice Forrest, an engaged, present and activated ocean activist and eco warrior living down under.

Alice is a passionate about healing our world. She has a Bachelor of Science in biodiversity and conservation and is involved in a wide range of organizations and conservation activities dealing with the plight of our oceans. She combines her education with her activism uniting head with heart in the most engaged way.

Alice’s primary focus is the plasticization of our oceans and how this dire situation is affecting life on Earth. With youth and optimism on her side, Alice will not go down easily. She chooses to be an eco-warrior over an eco-worrier, a noble pursuit in today’s rapidly collapsing world.

This week, we delve into important topics such as:

• Falling in love with the Earth.
• The more you love something, the more inclined you are to protect it.
• What we don’t understand, we become fearful of.
• The resilience of nature.
• How starfish are a keystone species for indicating the health of the oceans. No starfish = ecosystem collapse.
• How half of the air we breaths originates from the ocean.
• How the oceans are now choking in plastic.
• How every piece of plastic ever produced still exists today.
• The 40-year lag time between our actions and the effects of our actions.
• What is Gaia grief?
• How to navigate the dire state of the planet and remain engaged and grounded in action.
• Focusing on what we can do rather than what we can’t.
• The importance of transcendent moments to remember our connection with life.
• Why is there so much plastic in the oceans?
• Earth is the ultimate closed loop system. We are now eating our own trash.
• Critical thought: Once we know, we cannot unknow.
• There is no such thing as sustainable seafood.
• Living fully and loving hard in a world in collapse.

We explore many other important topics relating to the failing health of our oceans in this week’s show, making this a conversation that everyone should listen to, at the very least, to show that they do care about what happens to life on planet earth.

Please enjoy the inspiring and activated Alice Forrest as she shares with us her passion for a healthy, living ocean.


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