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UP #97: Navigating The Inner Critic And Honoring Your Muse With Lowry Olafson

UP #97: Navigating the Inner Critic and Honoring Your Muse with Lowry Olafson

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” —Vincent van Gogh

This week’s podcast shines a light on one of the dark corners of our mind—the inner critic, whose lone purpose is to keep us “safe”…at the expense of our soul. In this engaging, inspiring, spontaneous, and fun conversation with Sunshine Coast musician and keynote speaker, Lowry Olafson, we also explore the creative impulse within and how to honor our inner muse.

In this week’s show we cover a lot of ground including:

• The internal judgement that often flares up when we finally accomplish our dreams.
• How to navigate the voice of the inner critic.
• How action and movement is often the spark for creative flow.
• The non-linear aspects of creativity and inspiration.
• How comparison diminishes our self-worth.
• What is the essence of courage.
• The power of gratitude.
• What is true success?
• Finishing what you start.
• How creativity fills us from the inside.

Lowry is all about living your truth. His stories, songs and beautiful voice take us by the hand as we accompany him on a journey of overcoming obstacles. He inspires each of us to live as though we mean it.

Enjoy this week’s conversation with Lowry Olafson about navigating the inner critic, honoring your creative muse, and living a deeply authentic life.


• Lowry Olafson’s website for his music, keynote presentations and workshops.
• Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way on Amazon.
Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott on Amazon.
War of Art by Steven Pressfield on Amazon.
Walking in This World by Julia Cameron on Amazon.
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert on Amazon.

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