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UP #93: Taking Ownership Of Life With Lisa Ireland

UP #93: Taking Ownership of Life with Lisa Ireland

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” —Confucius

Multiple chemical sensitivity is a common ailment affecting millions of people daily. Web MD defines multiple chemical sensitivity as follows: “Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is also called “environmental illness” or “sick building syndrome.” It refers to a variety of non-specific symptoms reported by some people after possible exposure to chemical, biologic, or physical agents.”

In my own life, I can attest to experiencing unpleasant reactions when subjected to perfumes and other unnatural scents, commercial cleaning products, cigarette smoke, painting materials, bleach, and a variety of other unnatural chemical odors found in today’s society. MCS is considered “controversial” by the status quo medical profession, quite possibly because of their inability to prove the impact on those who experience it. Strange don’t you think? It seems like an obvious no-brainer that ingesting unnatural chemicals through our nose or skin would impact our health. But leave it to “science” to create a gray zone where common sense should prevail.

In this week’s episode, I speak with Lisa Ireland, founder of Pure Body Care, a British Columbia company dedicated to creating chemical-free, Earth-kind body, home, and pet care products.

Lisa’s story is an inspiring one. An unexpected diagnosis of an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis in 2008 prompted her to determinedly explore ways to defy her bleak prognosis. Medical professionals predicted that by now, she would be confined to a wheelchair, “drooling and in diapers”. But her dedication to researching alternatives, along with her stubborn persona (her words) have empowered her in ways that have not only defied her prognosis, but have also surprised the medical community.

Through her plethora of research, she discovered how the chemicals used with unconscious abandon in our everyday lifestyle, plague us with a variety of frightening autoimmune issues and other ailments including MS, ALS, various cancers, Chrohn’s disease, and arthritis to name just a few.

Lisa made the decision to become her own research subject and vowed to reduce the chemicals in her own household and life. Because of her perseverant nature, along with her dedication to reducing chemical use, she’s altered the course of her disease. Despite the odds, Lisa is still driving, walking, and through her own inspiring discoveries, working hard to make a better world for many others.

Lisa is passionate about a better world. Through her own journey of exploration—both inner and outer—she’s now helping many others wean themselves from chemical dependency so that they not only feel better, they also leave a lesser footprint on the Earth.

We explore a wide range of topics in this week’s conversation, including:

• The link between chemicals and autoimmune disorders.
• Living with multiple sclerosis.
• How we become addicted to our emotions if we don’t properly express them.
• Emotional maturity.
• Taking ownership for life and empowering ourselves along the way.
• When we calibrate for the behavior of others, we compromise our authenticity.
• When we own our triggers, we empower ourselves.
• The 80/20 rule.
• How the man-made chemical revolution is harming our health.
• The power of critical thought for making empowered choices.
• How chemical toxicity builds up through our skin.
• The power of individual choices for shifting the paradigm.
• Every dollar spent is a vote for how we wish to see the world.
• How we blindly accept status quo at the expense of life.
• The toxic cycle of “easy”.
• The green-washing of “natural” in a mass produced consumer society.
• How all commercial products are designed to make you buy more.
• The accelerating paradigm shift at a grassroots level.

As always, this conversation both enlightens and inspires. Enjoy!


• Pure Body Care website.

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