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UP #91: Putting Passion Into Action And Changing Lives Along The Way With Jan Ditchfield

UP #91: Putting Passion into Action and Changing Lives Along the Way with Jan Ditchfield

“Passion is the love of turning being into action. It fuels the engine of creation. It changes concepts to experience…. Never deny passion, for that is to deny Who You Are, and Who You Truly Want To Be.” —Neale Donald Walsch

Passion is the fire that drives us to express who we really are. It is the voice of the heart pleading for expression. To deny passion, is to deny life-force. To acknowledge passion is to come alive! The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines passion as, “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.”

Passion in action is what changes the world.

Jan Ditchfield is the founder of The Tandem Project (formerly known as Won with One), an organization created to support people who are blind and visually impaired realize their dreams as athletes in the sport of triathlon. But the Tandem Project is about so much more than triathlon. It’s about healing, empowerment, community, compassion, and caring.

Inspired by a tragic event that altered the course of her life, Jan uncovered a passion that drives her to this day: to break down the labels that define our humanity and empower the essence that unites us all.

Triathlon is the catalyst used to empower people who are blind, visually impaired, and sighted. But the work that Jan and her team do with the Tandem Project far exceeds any outcome on a race course. It translates directly into the lives of the people they serve—empowered lives with a renewed sense of meaning.

This is an inspirational conversation with a women who was deeply affected by a sudden event that led to the birth of an idea (initially conceived a scribbled napkin), and the eventual manifestation of a full-blown organization that is now empowering and healing so many lives once lost.

This week, we explore topics such as:

• How we are not our labels.
• Creating safety for authenticity.
• Empowering people to help remember their essence.
• How pain is a powerful gateway to purpose.
• Bridging the gap between “different”.
• Creating allies through community.
• How labels shroud our essence.
• Breaking down barriers to our humanity.
• Who are we without our labels?
• How being driven by passion means being equally fueled by fear.
• People are looking for inspiration rather than information.
• How “playing it safe” is a life of status quo.

The bigger we become, the more we affect others. The more we affect others in a positive way, the more we feel fulfilled. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to others is to be passionate and bold.

Enjoy this week’s episode and allow Jan Ditchfield to light up the way.


• The Tandem Project website.
• Won with One website.
• Learning to Listen blog post.

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