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Deb Ozarko

UP #125: Unplugging from Civilization, Plugging into the Soul with Deb Ozarko

My evolution with this podcast has been one of passion to inspire a more compassionate and activated world in the small window of time I believed we still had when I started this endeavor. From there I experienced the dramatic effects of abrupt climate change first hand in 2015. This opened me to a deeper knowing that presented in premonitions of ocean collapse that same year. This made it clear to me that we are now living in the “apocalyptic times” that so many ancient traditions have spoken about. The 6th mass extinction event does not exclude us. We are not miraculously exempt from the repercussions of our collective ignorance, arrogance, and relentlessly consumptive, overpopulating, industrialized, and separated ways.

With this in mind, I have been turning inward. I’ve been deep in the throes of an extremely powerful personal evolutionary process that has profoundly transformed my life. It’s been so powerful that all identity of who I once thought myself to be is gone and I am left with the two most powerful words: I am.

With this continually expanding evolutionary process, I now find the human world meaningless and mundane. I have lost all interest in the world “out there”. I have no interest in the drama of the human experience, nor do I have any interest in the minutia of the content that drives this uncaring world.

My days are now all about being, and from there, doing flows with ease.

I am truly living a life of presence. There is no future orientation to pull me anymore. It is breath by breath, moment by moment. It is truly freeing.

The more I discover of my essence and the stronger my connection to the Soul, the less interest I have in what matters in our dominant civilization: money, possessions, status, beauty, success, technology fame, longevity, and so on. The greater my connection to the essence of who I am, the greater clarity I have, and the more I engage that, the lesser my connection to the dominant civilization of separation. This brings with it great peace, profound acceptance and total liberation.

I have reached the end of the line for the Unplug podcast. It now feels complete, and this week, share my final thoughts on a wonderful journey that has brought me to this profound place of peace and acceptance.

I send deep gratitude to all listeners for their passion and support over the years. Most of all, thank you all for having the courage to be more of who and what you are.

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  1. I want to thank you for your wonderful work! I know that I have come to the same conclusions that you have, and I find that very refreshing. I remember listening to a nun in the Pure Land Buddhism sect talk about being of service to the collective at the expense of oneself-a lecture which I found to be, frankly, cringe worthy. If selflessness worked then the world would be a lot different and history would not be littered with examples of people who were assassinated, ostracized, hunted down and humiliated for their activism. This world also tells you to do well in school and work hard at a job where the bosses don’t appreciate your efforts and treats you as expendable. None of it makes any sense to me anymore either. Thank you so much for letting me know that I’m not crazy because I find the above systemic beliefs to be at best nonsense and at worst self-destructive.

    When you really think about it, it seems like you have come full-circle here. Back in the ancient matrilineal times the spiritual path was about living with the Earth and all of its living beings, living fully and being connected to spirit. Then, patriarchy came and handed us the bullshit that the female principle was about self-sacrifice and only thinking of others-which is what modern day activism is all about. What is sounds like you’ve done was return to the ancient ways of what women used to do, and I think that’s pretty cool-and oh so SANE! Good for you, Girl!

    I will truly miss your podcasts! I had hoped that you would go on with them indefinitely but I understand why you are doing what it is that you are doing. Sadly, I suspect that Guy McPherson and Extinction Radio will end their work soon as well. I wish you all the joy in the world, and I will use you as an example of someone who has taken the road that I myself would like to go further on.

    Thank you, Deb! I will definitely be looking out for the latest book, your partners’s cookbook, and I will using them as maps to-as Marilyn Beck would say-follow my North Star!

    Thank you very much for everything!


    Diane 😀

    Thank you, and Godspeed!


  2. Of all that I have read and heard, yours is the most powerfully said, lovingly shared and deeply invitational message for us all as we embrace and experience a world in massive flux.

    There is no solution ‘out there’. The resonance of your ‘voice’ makes clear that our freedom will not come from struggling to go up and out, but from allowing ourselves to surrender and fall back…. down and in. Inside ourselves. Inside our own truth. Inside what waits… patiently… to free us from our mindless, habituated and stubborn commitment to all the external references that we have come to think of as ‘home’. In truth, our own internal reference is the key to that world of the stillness for which we so long.

    I am so honoured to be in the journey of this Great Adventure, with you!

  3. Thankyou Deb. You have shone a bright light for many of us who have been trying to face up to our predicament from the perspective of ‘it’s over’. I have shared a few of your articles on our ‘doomer’ facebook group, Near Term Human Extinction Support. Your best work is the stuff that has been the toughest to read or hear, that requires overcoming internal resistance – and you have been ahead of the curve in bringing it. And you managed to stay joyous and alive to the whole experience. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and your awareness of the fragility and brevity of it has made you joyous and alive to life like never before. Either way, your journey has been amazing to watch as it evolves, and I wish you all the best with the rest of it.

    P.S. I hope you can at least be tempted back onto Extinction Radio for another chat with Jennifer or Mike, because you guys are a hoot together!

    1. Thank you Andy. I’ve honestly never felt so peaceful and free in my entire existence in the finite, fleshy, water bag known as Deb Ozarko. You hit the nail squarely on the head: awareness of the fragility and brevity makes it all so much sweeter in my world.

      We do create our own world and I make no apologies for living in my “sacred bubble”. In fact, I highly recommend it. The density of the illusion—aka the dominant paradigm—is truly a life-force sucking drag. We don’t have to live it though. We control the “off” switch: Off to media. Off to technology. Off to the blog posts. Off to social media. Off to culture. Off to “jobs”. Off to conversations that bore us. Off to the opinions, judgements, thoughts of others. You get my drift.

      ON to the voice of the Soul. Intentional, mindful choices from the heart, for the heart make for a radically different world. It’s a perceptual shift like no other and I can tell you this from personal experience: it truly is liberation.

      Bottom line: life is what you and I make it. I choose to make it as beautiful as possible. I offer an open invitation to anyone and everyone to join me. 🙂

      Re Extinction Radio: just got another invite today, so we’ll see what comes of it. It’s always fun for me on that show. 😉

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