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UP #124: Living From Essence With Karen Malik

UP #124: Living from Essence with Karen Malik

In the Far East, they say that the innermost channel of the heart is the non-dual channel—our essential nature. Non-duality can be defined as the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental oneness. When our hearts connect, we are united. This is who we are in our deepest core Soul essence.

Many people are rigidly identified with the reasoning mind: the institutional education they’ve had, the books they’ve read, the experiences they’ve had, the beliefs they’ve attached to, and the stories they believe to be real. Although this is common, it limits us because we are so much more than our reasoning minds.

When we lead from the heart however, our capacity to hold life-force, is increased. As we open to our Soul, our core essence rises into our experience. The presence of our essence stimulates our energy bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual) and brings with it profound inner wisdom.

This week, I’m honored to share the voice of a woman who I have respected for many years. Karen Malik is recognized both nationally and internationally as a uniquely gifted workshop and retreat facilitator, therapist and healer.  She has had the honor of studying with and receiving teachings from many spiritual teachers, Native American elders, and contemporary leaders in the consciousness field as well as the complementary/mind-body healing arts. She is also a long-time student of A.H. Almaas’ The Diamond Approach.

I met Karen at the Monroe Institute in 2012 when I was on a profound journey of healing and self discovery after the tragic death of my mother in 2010. It was a time in my life when I was feeling open and raw, and my hunger for the Soul was insatiable. That year, I participated in four separate 5-day resident programs at the Monroe Institute that completely changed my life. The two programs that had the most profound impact on me—to this very day—were the Gateway Voyage and Exploration Essence. Both programs happened to be co-facilitated by Karen. Needless to say, Karen’s presence in my life has been instrumental in both my healing and my personal evolution.

This week, we speak to, and from the depths of the Soul. In our conversation, we explore:

  • Living as an intuitive in an intellectual world.
  • What is functional silence?
  • Living from inner guidance rather than external knowledge.
  • How we are more than our physical bodies.
  • Integrating our physicality with our spirituality.
  • What is essence, and what is our essential nature?
  • Trusting experience over knowledge.
  • Trusting our internal impulses.
  • Letting go of the need to know.
  • What is the higher mind?
  • Evolving from personality to essence.
  • Being in the world but not of it.
  • Choosing discernment over judgement.
  • The difference between essential power and dominating power.
  • From free will to free flow.
  • Mortality as a catalyst for life.
  • Being grounded in essence in dark times.

I’m honored to bring Karen’s wisdom to you. So open your mind and your heart and allow our conversation to inspire your deepest core essence to rise from within. Enjoy.


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