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Peter Melton

UP #122: Curiosity, Collapse and Urgent Spirituality with Peter Melton

The power of metaphor is perhaps one of the best ways to convey a story or message. In the deepening crises facing our world and our planet, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to make sense of the madness that has descended upon us.

This week’s guest, Peter Melton, is a gifted storyteller with a voracious curiosity to understand what brought us to this place and how we can move through these times with an intimate connection to our deepest spirituality.

Peter is keenly aware of our dire situation and has worked closely with both Guy McPherson and Carolyn Baker to understand more fully the collapse that befalls us. His outlook however is not one of fear and despair. His natural creative talent for metaphors, fables and music has gifted him with an ability to explore spirituality in a way that brings peace and levity to the heart. Peter holds both collapse and expansion, mortality and immortality in his consciousness. Through this, he has discovered what he appropriately calls, urgent spirituality.

Peter has a hunger for exploring how spirituality ties in with the crises we are all now living through. His unending curiosity and hunger to understand more of the world and more of his own Soul inspires big questions of which he dares to explore in great depth. In his own words, “We experience ourselves as separate human beings trying to live this great life and yet we know there’s more. I dare to look at that more. What fuels my humanity? Who am I beyond my humanity? What is the bigger picture of the cosmic, infinite story of the 4 billion years of planet Earth and the so much more that exists beyond that? How can I be in touch with that depth of understanding of who I am beyond my humanity?”

Peter dares for each of us to discover for our selves, the answers to these questions in these ever challenging times.

In this week’s conversation, we discuss:

  • Cultivating curiosity to understand the deeper meaning of life.
  • How our anthropocentric worldview prevents us from seeing the bigger picture.
  • Who are we beyond our humanity?
  • What is “urgent spirituality”?
  • Moving from separation to oneness.
  • The paradox of being “temporary” and infinite at the same time.
  • Living fully now, with death in mind.
  • How death can only unsettle us when we live in the “now” with a future-orientation.
  • Experiencing grief from a male perspective.
  • Living from vulnerable authenticity.
  • A new story for the Soul.

Peter has become a wonderful friend, and I’m honored to share this thought-provoking conversation with you.

Waves of Oneness


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