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UP #117: The Psychological Impact Of Our Changing Global Climate With Lise Van Susteren

UP #117: The Psychological Impact of Our Changing Global Climate with Lise van Susteren

Many people today are feeling the mental, emotional and spiritual impact of our increasingly tumultuous times. This internal unease is playing out in a plethora of dysfunctional way—from anxiety to aggression, to despair, hostility and violence.

In order to comprehend these confusing times from a perspective grounded in mental clarity, we need to first understand that the global epidemic of insanity cannot be rationalized. This week’s guest helps us understand—from a psychological perspective—the deeper roots of why things are the way they are in the world today.

Lisa van Susteren has an impressive bio as a psychiatrist and Earth activist. She first received her medical degree from the University of Paris and moved on to become board certified in general and forensic psychiatry. She’s worked as a consultant to the CIA, conducting psychological assessments of world leaders, as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University Department of Psychiatry, and at community mental health centers in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Lise co-founded The Friends of St. Elizabeths, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of the mentally ill, and Interfaith Moral Action on Climate, a multi-faith coalition dedicated to organizing people of religion and spirituality to speak out against climate change.

If that’s not enough, Lise was also a candidate for the Democratic nomination for United States Senate in 2006. She is also the founder and CEO of “Lucky Planet Foods”, a company dedicated to providing low-carbon, plant-based, healthy foods for sustainable living.

Lise trained with Al Gore at The Climate Project to educate the public about global warming. She now speaks extensively about the profound effects of pre-traumatic stress syndrome and climate anxiety in our rapidly changing world.

Lise is an activist at heart and her willingness to serve a better world is notable. I’m honored to bring her voice to this week’s special show.

In this episode, we explore a lot of uncharted territory with topics such as:

  • How one of the main drivers of denial is fear.
  • How the admission of climate change is emasculating for many climate change deniers.
  • What is climate anxiety.
  • How we are all suffering from some form of climate anxiety.
  • How we live in a chemically suppressed, numbed out society at the peril of our existence on this planet.
  • The restorative effects of nature on our mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • How technology denatures us with its virtual reality.
  • How technology gives us the illusion of power and reinforces intolerance and aggression.
  • How climate change contributes to violence.
  • How CO2 reduces our cognitive functioning.
  • What is pre-traumatic stress syndrome.
  • The psychological/spiritual benefits of swimming.
  • Why the masses fear ‘vegan’.

Lise’s passion is palpable and her ability to articulate what many of us are feeling makes this show one you will want to listen to multiple times.


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