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Francis Weller

UP #114: The Sacred Power of Grief with Francis Weller

Francis Weller is a psychotherapist, writer and soul activist. He’s a master of synthesizing diverse streams of thought from psychology, anthropology, mythology, alchemy, indigenous cultures and poetic traditions. The core of his work is creating pathways to reclaiming our indigenous soul—the “unforgotten wisdom” that resides in the heart of the psyche.

Francis is also the founder and director of WisdomBridge, an organization that offers educational programs that seek to integrate the wisdom from traditional cultures with the insights and knowledge gathered from western cultures to inspire soul activism.

Francis also helped to create Men of Spirit, an intensive year-long initiation program designed to restore the masculine community as a resource for cultural renewal.

This week’s conversation delves deep into the heart—the very soul of who we are. We speak intimately to the necessity for grief in our lives as a pathway to wholeness. Our exploration takes us to sacred places including:

  • How grief requires sacred community.
  • How grief is a pathway to delight.
  • How grief inspires fluidity and opening to joy and gratitude.
  • How blocking our own pain prevents us from feeling the pain of the Earth.
  • Holding love and grief as one.
  • The necessity for grief ritual.
  • The connection between sorrow and joy.
  • The difference between joy and happiness.
  • The feral nature of grief and how it shapes us as emotionally mature adults.
  • How our addiction to control suppresses the soul.
  • The difference between grief as a ‘verb’ or an identity.
  • What is conscious grieving?
  • How grief changes shape and never leaves.
  • Navigating Earth grief.
  • How grief can be our salvation.
  • The grace of grief.

I am so honored to bring this beautiful conversation to your hearts and minds this week. Please welcome the profound wisdom of Francis Weller and the transformative power of grief.


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  1. Thank you so much for this Deb! I really appreciated hearing what you and Francis had to say about the importance of expressing grief and embracing that part of our humanity! It’s made me realize that I tend to be afraid of expressing those emotions, especially as a guy we’re conditioned to stuff those feeling down. I’m definitely feeling a lot of hopelessness right now with all the craziness that’s going on and feeling powerless and this episode has been a real wake up call that I need to find like minded community instead of trying to cope on my own so thank you!

    1. Thank you Dareios! it’s messages like yours that fuel me to continue having conversations like this beautiful conversation with Francis. I’ll be having him back on the show in February and I’d like to go even deeper into the need for men to grieve. Sending you gratitude for your courage to look within.

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