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UP #113: Thoughtful Wandering And Living Fully Now With Paul Marcotte

UP #113: Thoughtful Wandering and Living Fully Now with Paul Marcotte

I have had the pleasure of meeting the coolest people through the Unplug podcast! This week’s guest is no exception. Paul Marcotte is a fellow Canadian whose life of simplicity gives the word a whole new meaning.

My first introduction to this interesting man was during a conversation with Guy McPherson this past summer. The two men are long-time friends. With our similar mindsets, Guy knew that our paths were meant to cross. After releasing my podcast with Guy, Paul reached out to me with an email introduction that went straight to my heart. When I checked out his blog, I knew he had to be on the podcast.

Paul calls himself, “The Thoughtful Wanderer”—an appropriate moniker for the unconventional life he lives. You see, Paul has chosen a life of intentional homelessness. He travels around the globe with little more than a backpack and a bicycle. His vocation as a professional home and pet sitter offers the opportunity for great adventure.

Adding a little more spice to this story is Paul’s keen awareness of the dire reality of our collapsing world. Because of his friendship with Guy McPherson, Paul is not afraid to explore the spaces and places that most fear to go. In that fearlessness, he has reached a level of acceptance that inspires him to live fully now—with presence, compassion and humor.

In this week’s episode, we free-flow into topics such as:

  • Living an intentionally homeless life.
  • Learning presence, love and truth from animals.
  • Self-trust and presence.
  • Living with a spirit of adventure.
  • The liberation of simple living.
  • The salve of nature.
  • The stasis of mainstream activism.
  • Our planetary crisis: From denial to acceptance to presence.
  • Redefining abundance.
  • The luxury of simple living.
  • The synergy between intention and abundance.
  • Trusting feeling over perception.
  • Living with death in mind to prompt passion and presence.

I’m co-hosting once again with my wonderful partner, Deb Gleason. We were both excited to get to know this man who has chosen a life of the heart. Paul Marcotte proves to us in this episode that home definitely is where the heart is. Enjoy!


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