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UP #112: Methane, Buddhism, And Pioneering A New Consciousness With Jennifer Hynes

UP #112: Methane, Buddhism, and Pioneering a New Consciousness with Jennifer Hynes

You may be thinking, “What a weird title for a podcast. Methane? Buddhism? New consciousness?”

In a nutshell, that’s the essence of this week’s inspiring guest. Jennifer Hynes is a climate researcher and the creator of two significant climate change videos addressing escalating climate trends. In particular, her focus has been on the methane hydrate situation in the Arctic.

As a highly trained IT professional with an emphasis on large data migrations and data trends analysis, she has a passion for connecting the dots of the climate world, and spreading awareness of the looming climate catastrophe.

Jennifer also has a deep and abiding interested in Tibetan Buddhism. Growing up in Laos and Ghana, she learned the intrinsic value of being internally guided and spiritually connected at a young age.

While she’s not a formally trained climate scientist, her first video, “The Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise” was widely viewed and went viral. Her second video, “Methane Monster II: Demise of the Arctic” has also garnered considerable attention.

Jennifer’s awakening to the dire reality of our climate situation is a fascinating story—one which we explore in great depth on the show. She’s a gifted storyteller whose passion for life is palpable!

This week, we discuss topics such as:

  • Intuition and spiritual pursuits.
  • The power of vulnerability to create connection.
  • The importance of like-minded community to navigate abrupt climate-change awareness.
  • How the melting Arctic affects us all.
  • Speaking out: the path of the warrior.
  • How authenticity and clear-thinking empower a message.
  • What is a pioneer in consciousness?
  • How despair is not a state of the heart (and why it’s important to allow it to move).
  • How emotion and passion moves us far more than scientific information.
  • Why we should be concerned about methane.
  • How the human mind is conditioned to normalize the abnormal to preserve the status quo.
  • What is the “hot blob” and the “ridiculously resilient ridge”?
  • Living with the knowledge of near-term human extinction.
  • The myths of grief.
  • How gratitude and joy walk hand-in-hand.
  • The liberation of acceptance.

Jennifer is passionate, warm, smart and funny. I’m grateful to have her in my life and I suspect you will too after listening to this inspiring conversation.


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  1. Totally enjoyed , that interview and your essays Deborah thank you so much , and I share a lot of your feelings , I resonated so much with Activated Presence in Times of Planetary Hospice – but not once is geoengineering mentioned in your talk and it is so obvious to anyone who is observing the sky for the last 15 years at least…that it is a real phenomenon that is having devastating consequences for all of life. Together, the geoengineering with all the electromagnetic technology…they are playing god with the weather systems, and to me certainly responsible for the global climate changes…and obviously all of our crazy behaviors and denial . We have to address the geoengineering madness . Thank you again.


    1. Thanks for the comment Danielle. Regarding geoengineering, electromagnetic technology, etc.: My show is created from the heart FOR the heart. It is not about science, technology, conspiracy theories, aliens, new age escapism, etc. It was created to inspire a return to our core essence—the very soul of who we are—in order to remember our non-separation from animals, the natural world and our own souls in a world infected with separation sickness. I will occasionally touch on science and tech, but that is not my message or my calling. My mission is to get to the heart of listeners. Techno-talk only keeps people trapped in their heads and further distances them from their hearts. There are many shows out there that focus on science and tech and I recommend searching those out. Alternatively, like Jen said in this show, if geoengineering is your passion, then speak up about it! You have a voice too and I not only encourage you to speak out and be a voice for your concerns, I totally support it!

  2. Thank you both, Deb & Jennifer for a satisfying interview: the integration of the manifest with the unmanifest to form the whole of Reality is recognised naturally by both of you. There is no separate “spirituality” (except in bottles).

    Everything with a beginning has an end; avoiding endings requires avoiding beginnings: getting off the wheel of samsara.

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