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UP #111: The Courage To Live Courageously

UP #111: The Courage to Live Courageously

This week, Deb Gleason and I speak about our move away from the Sunshine Coast to a new location. Our conversation explores the depths of what it means to live courageously with deep trust; how we manifest what we need when we take the required action.

We also speak about the accelerating Earth changes and how they’re affecting our ability to discern our internal cues with more clarity.

We also explore topics of conversation such as:

  • Living simply.
  • Living from essence in our collapsing world.
  • How the body never lies.
  • The power of (wo)manifesting (i.e. thought, choice, action).
  • Trusting our internal cues.
  • What is deep courage?
  • How grief and pain transform us.
  • How acceptance liberates us.
  • Living passionately in a collapsing world.
  • The connection between joy and gratitude.
  • The isolation of living an aware and awakened life.
  • The fire of compassion.

Yet another conversation that will rock your world!


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  1. Hi Deb, thanks for the episode!
    I’m curious to know more about why you choose to not to use social media. Don’t you think that it can be a useful tool to inspire and influence people for the better? It’s something I struggle with because I am weary of falling into the habit of getting addicted to social media but at the same time I’m hesitant to give it up because I feel like it would make it harder to reach people. What do you think?

    1. Hi Dareios, thanks for your thoughts. The decision to not use social media is a personal one based on my need for authentic relationships. I wrote a post about it last year that summarizes my thoughts on Facebook, but it generalizes out to all social media platforms. I highlight that these are personal observations that led me to the choice to keep the distraction in my life lean. In fact, your comment and my reply feels more intimate than social media ever did. Glad you enjoyed the episode!

  2. Deb,
    Thank you for your message, for sharing the truth! What this world needs more than anything else are people filled with courageous compassion! One without the other will not work. Courage without compassion has the potential to deepen the hurt. Compassion without courage will not touch deep enough. Your message is making a difference in this broken, dying world, one person at a time. Thank you Deb for having enough love in your heart for this earth and for others to be vulnerable.

    1. “Courage without compassion has the potential to deepen the hurt. Compassion without courage will not touch deep enough.” Wise words Deb. Thank you for sharing them. I could not agree more!

  3. I can truly relate with what you two have noticed about the beach waters changing into a sickly green color. As much as I’ve seen pictures about the melting arctic ice, the methane bubbles underneath the arctic ice, the wildfires and the like, what you said about the oceans being where the troubles will truly begin really hit home for me when I finally saw before and after pictures of the dying great coral reef! Talk about staring death in the face! Comparing what the reefs were with all the vibrant colors and contoured beauty to what it is now is terrifying. The corals and everything else is either bleached a ghastly white or it’s a greenish/blackish brown that is rotting away. The reefs actually look like gangrene organs now-they even say that the reefs have a horrible smell to them. When I saw all of that, something in me knew that the human race was near the end. As tragic as that was, it made me come to an unwavering acceptance of our doom. Those pictures blew me away, but they made me grow up-if that makes any sense.

    Enjoy your podcasts! Please keep up the fine work 😀

    1. I totally understand your feelings about the coral reefs. Your comparison with gangrene organs is perfect—sad but true. I had an emotional meltdown a few weeks ago when I saw a short Youtube film about the reefs…it hurts. As Guy McPherson says, “only love remains”. I’m grateful for that. Grateful for you too Diane. Thank you for caring.

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