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Deb Ozarko

UP #105: Letting Go of Our Collapsing World with Deb Ozarko

“This is a dark time, filled with suffering and uncertainty. Like living cells in a larger body, it is natural that we feel the trauma of our world. So don’t be afraid of the anguish you feel, or the anger or fear, because these responses arise from the depth of your caring and the truth of your interconnectedness with all beings.” —Joanna Macy

It’s becoming glaringly evident that we’re living in increasingly frightening and uncertain times.

Despite that fact, many people either fail to comprehend, sluff-off with indifference, or downright deny the fact that our planet is being altered at a pace and magnitude that is rapidly steering us into uncharted territory.

With what’s playing out environmentally with unprecedented wildfires, droughts, tropical storms, heatwaves, floods, sinkholes, red tides, coral bleaching, epidemic animal die-offs, and the accelerating speed at which the Arctic sea ice is melting, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay grounded as everything unravels around us.

Our oceans now contain more spilled oil and plastic than sea life. One of the great natural wonders of the world that fascinated me as a child, The Great Barrier Reef, is rapidly dying.

Profound economic collapse is unfolding in Venezuela, with South Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Russia in hot pursuit. Closer to home, areas of northern British Columbia are also in free fall.

Planet-wide toxification, rampant overpopulation, rapacious consumption, and staggering willful ignorance are driving the crisis that much deeper.

Discussions about collapse wouldn’t be complete without speaking of Donald Trump and his penchant for inciting hatred, xenophobia, sexism, bigotry, aggression, violence, narcissism, and fear in the lowest common denominator in the United States. One man has single-handedly inspired the emergence of the ugliest parts of humanity by giving permission to the remorseless expression of a violent shadow.

With the US presidential election only months away, the candidate choices for the most domineering country in the world are bleak: Patriarchy from a megalomaniac blowhard, or patriarchy in a conniving pantsuit.

Sad, sad, sad.

Of course we can’t forget the violent shooting rampage in Orlando that destroyed the lives of 49 innocent people and also brought to light (yet again) the entitled lunacy of the National Rifle Association and the American right to bear arms.

And if that’s not enough, Britain regressed into the dark ages with the recent Brexit vote—a vote that ensures the burgeoning far right psychosis that has gripped the collective psyche.

Sadly, this brief synopsis barely scratches the surface of our dire global predicament.

To quote Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The world I once knew is now a distant memory—a memory that I cherish, and one I am deeply grateful for. The future however, brings a knot to my stomach that refuses to leave.

There’s no doubt that the entire world is in collapse in every aspect of our lives—from the micro stresses of our personal lives to the macro stresses of our collective lives. We’re living in dire times of great crisis, and no amount of denial, ignorance, or new-age magical thinking will make it go away. The consciousness of humanity is at an all-time low. Yes, there are wonderful people doing wonderful things to make the world a better place. I’ve brought the voices and hearts of many of these people to you over the past few years. But it’s no longer enough as darkness rapidly envelops the planet.

The word, apocolypse means, “a lifting of the veil” or a “revelation”. While ‘business as usual’ creaks and groans under the weight of its own lies, many are choosing to no longer wear the blinders of denial, drink the kool-aid of hopium, or choke down the blue pill of ignorance. This makes for an apocolyptic reality check, and what lurks behind the veil isn’t pretty.

We’re living in a time in human history where the near-term habitability of the Earth is in question. Homo sapien is single handedly destroying the web of life with no intention of stopping. Ninety-seven percent of scientists (with the exception of those employed by destructive industries) now agree that we’re in a state of abrupt/catastrophic climate change. This means that we’re well past the 11th hour and living on borrowed time. We’re officially on a runaway train with no brakes.

This year has been an emotionally tumultuous one for me. I’ve been struck with relentless premonitions about the state of our world—particularly the ocean. This has resulted in many sleepless nights. I’ve been navigating the profound emotions that have accompanied these premonitions by writing about my experience. What emerged stunned me. It was painful and healing at the same time. I moved through intense inertia to write an 18 page essay that was also released as a 3-part blog series.

When I first released the essay, I was terrified. I thought readers would unsubscribe in droves and I’d receive angry emails from the few people who actually read it. I was wrong—really, really wrong. The post went viral. Readers started sharing it everywhere and my in-box was flooded with messages thanking me for putting words to challenging feelings. I was both shocked and heartbroken. Shocked that so many felt the same way, and heartbroken that so many felt the same way.

The essay is essentially an exposé of the spiritual sickness of our world, and my internal process for learning to live with this dire reality with love and grace.

Now more than ever, I feel that it’s incumbent upon us to reclaim our wholeness so that we have a stronger connection to ourselves as we make our way through the uncertainty that will only increase in severity as abrupt climate change alters the habitability of this planet. The closer the connection with our souls, the more solid we will stand in the face of uncertainty.

With encouragement from many people who’ve already read my essay, I’ve been inspired to expand it into a podcast. This episode will also mark a shift in my message.

You may be wondering what will be changing about the Unplug podcast? Well, for starters, I’ll no longer be drinking from the fountain of hopium, which means that the Unplug message will go much deeper. I will continue to bring inspirational conversations with paradigm shifting status quo crushers and cultural revolutionaries. The difference now is that the message is no longer about creating a new world paradigm. Instead, it’s even more powerful. It will be about living with more presence, more activation, more engagement, and more love than ever before—right now!

My premonitions have cracked me open to a deeper truth that can no longer hide in the shadows. I can’t pretend anymore—to myself or to anyone that the times we’re living in are not as bad as they are. Because they are. I feel like we all know this on some level and it’s time to bring this conversation into the light.

So with an open heart and an open mind, I give you the voice of my soul as I share with you my essay, Letting Go of a World in Collapse: The Conversation We’re Too Afraid to Have.


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