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UP #101: Finding Yourself And Stumbling Along The Way With Rebekah Nemethy

UP #101: Finding Yourself and Stumbling Along the Way with Rebekah Nemethy

Cultural rebel, fellow creative and podcast host, Rebekah Nemethy joins me this week for a conversation about … life. Unlike most episodes, this one flows with no initial theme in mind. What emerged was a transparent conversation about finding yourself within the cultural maze, stumbling along the way, and opening yourself to life, love and truth. Its a raw conversation that exposes insecurities, passions, fears, and a desire for ongoing self exploration.

Many of us can relate to the quandary that arises from the need to pay the bills while expressing the voice of our hearts—our calling. It’s a question I repeatedly mull around with no real answer other than dedicated perseverance. This week, Rebekah shares her own struggles of working a j-o-b while pursuing her evolving dream to serve a kinder world for animals. I’m sure many listeners will be able to relate.

One of the many things I love about Rebekah, other than her kindness, compassion, generosity, humor, and honesty, is how open she is about not having it all figured out. Her hunger for living a life more aligned with her essence is contagious and she willingly shares her stumbles along the way.

Rebekah is a photographer with a passion for animals. She’s also the host of the My Rescue Rocks podcast, a heartwarming show that shares animal rescue stories about love, tragedy, and survival told by the rescuers themselves. Her narrative podcast style gets to the essence of individual animal stories which has the profound effect of flinging the doors wide open on our hearts. It’s a great reminder of what really matters—love.

This week we cover a lot of ground, exploring topics such as:

  • The absurdity of the educational system and how it kills creativity.
  • How the media is run by money and corporations, not truth.
  • Moving through introversion.
  • How the complication of money tends to diminish our sense of purpose.
  • A conversation about marrying passion and purpose with a sustainable income.
  • The deeper truth behind the words “earn a living”.
  • How purpose is always morphing and changing.
  • The struggles and liberation of the cultural rebel.
  • How creativity is a direct link to our hearts.
  • When we believe we’re not creative, it’s because we’re trapped in our heads.
  • When everyone zigs, zag.
  • How critical thinking is about questioning the common thought.
  • How our conditioning traps us in denial.
  • Moving beyond the vegan label.
  • Living simply and liberating yourself along the way.

Rebekah’s radical honesty and wide open heart will help you feel like you’re not so alone in navigating the confusion of our cultural maze. Her stories will bring you laughter and her passion will ignite your own. Enjoy!


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