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UP #01: Living Your Purpose In A Disconnected World

UP #01: Living Your Purpose in a Disconnected World

Finally! The inaugural Unplug Podcast is up and running and ready to inspire.

What the heck is the Unplug Podcast you may ask?

It’s a weekly audio program for listeners who are ready to shift the paradigm from head to heart and co-create a more passionate, compassionate, loving and interconnected world – for humanity, animals, the natural world and, of course, ourselves. So the title “Unplug” is actually all about unplugging from status-quo and living an authentic life that serves you and a planet so desperately in need.

This podcast is for people who want to live a simpler, kinder and more spiritually inclusive life outside of the distraction and stifling confines of the status-quo cultural mindset.

Each week I’ll interview an amazing, heart-centered paradigm buster to motivate you to live a more passionate, compassionate and inspired life that helps shift this crazy paradigm.

In today’s debut episode, you get to know a little bit about my journey, what you can expect from this podcast and then we deep dive into my favorite topic – living a life of purpose.

What’s my goal with this podcast? Why world peace of course (no joke)! And I certainly can’t accomplish this mission alone.

My aim is to unleash more compassion, more passion, more authenticity, more critical-thinking, and waaay more consciousness on a planet that’s crying out for mercy.

I hope you enjoy this first episode. This is only the beginning of what I’m hoping will be a revolutionary platform for consciousness and peace.

Because I really want for this to be a collective effort, I’m wide open for suggestions on topics you’d like to hear about in upcoming episodes, people you’d like me to interview, and anything else that helps create a more heart-centered paradigm.

And please spread the word! Share this podcast far and wide and let’s co-create a better world!

Thanks so much for listening…and caring!


Eckhart Tolle
Rich Roll
Old MacDonalds Factory Farm – David Coates
Kelly Howell

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As always, thank you for listening and thank you for helping to co-create a better world!

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