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UP #51: The Questions And Conversations That Transform Our Lives With Naomi Irons

UP #51: The Questions and Conversations that Transform Our Lives with Naomi Irons

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m deeply grateful for the people I have the honor of connecting with on the Unplug journey of awakening. Meaningful conversations that inspire expansion are what guide us all towards wholeness.

This week’s Unplug podcast guest is a woman who inspires a depth of thought like no other. Naomi Irons is a beautiful soul committed to expanding into the greatest version of who she knows herself to be. She’s a woman who is profoundly committed to her true self. She’s passionate about discovering the depths of her own evolution as well as engaging with others who hunger to know themselves well beyond the surface of who and what they have been taught to believe themselves to be.

Naomi is a registered massage therapist, doula, yoga instructor and certified CODE model coach with the Wel- Systems® Institute. She’s also a woman with a plethora of inner wisdom to share.

This week’s conversation is powerful, inspiring, and deeper than deep. There’s a profoundly organic flow to this conversation that takes explores new depths.

We dig into topics such as:

• Having the courage to ask yourself “Who am I?”.
• The awakening of intuition inside the body.
• Do we make choices in alignment with who we’ve always been conditioned to be or do we allow ourselves to trust the choices that align us with who we have the potential to become?
• It’s a profound act of courage to tell ourselves the truth.
• It’s an act of transformation when we allow ourselves to be witnessed in the truth of our experience.
• The only perfection is imperfection.
• The journey of awakening is all about discovering our inner Self.
• The intellect is designed to make a “yes” or “no” choice. It is not designed to create our lives.
• The journey of trust.
• How ten seconds of authenticity can undo decades of conditioning.
• Our birthright is to be deeply connected to who we are.
• When we trust, we no longer resist.
• We can become who we’ve always been meant to be if we trust our Selves.
• What is matriarchal consciousness?
• We’re either catalysts for change or we’re trapped in status quo.

The quality of our lives is often determined by how expansive our conversations are. As we expand into more of who we are truly meant to be, we think more critically, live more authentically, and ask bigger questions. This is how we transform our lives, and by default, transform the world.

Enjoy this unique conversation and be prepared to dramatically alter your previous perception of reality.


• Naomi Irons website.
• Naomi Irons Facebook page.
• Naomi Irons at the Wel-Systems Institute.

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