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UP #36: Daring To Live A Meaningful Life With Louise LeBrun

UP #36: Daring to Live a Meaningful Life with Louise LeBrun

Sometimes the Universe coordinates the meeting of two like-minded souls in creative ways. Call it fate, chance or destiny. Personally I believe that there’s something more powerful at work.

Have you ever noticed that you attract in your life what is directly related to the energy you give off? When you feel angry and “funky”, you attract angry, “funky” circumstances. When you feel creative and passionate, you’re blessed with inspired thought that feeds your passion. Don’t worry, I’m not going sideways on you with new age “hookey pookey” law of attraction stuff. What I’m talking about is more grounded in reality. I’m talking about the Law of Resonance.

The Universe has a number of strict laws which determines life on planet earth. One such law is the Law of Gravity which prevents us from floating aimlessly around the planet – thank goodness. I for one feel far more comfortable with my feet firmly planted on terra firma. The Law of Resonance is another strict law that determines precisely what you will attract into your life based on the resonance or frequency of energy that you are projecting at any given time.

You see, the energetic signals we emit determines what and who comes our way in life. Think about it – we can all feel the difference between good and bad vibes. Good vibes attract like a magnet. Bad vibes repel like the opposite side of the same magnet. Everything and everyone that we attract in our lives is based on the frequency we emit. This is determined by our thoughts, emotions, and how connected (or not) we are to our authentic Self – or soul, spirit, core essence, Higher Self – whatever you want to call it – same thing, different words.

The Law of Resonance is the law which determines precisely what and who we attract based on the resonance or frequency of energy that we choose to convey. Spiritual love (contrasted with fickle romantic love) projects the highest frequency. Fear projects the lowest.

Quantum Physics explains that at the most basic level, everything in the universe is vibrating energy. This includes you, me, and all life. The only thing that differentiates you from water is the intensity with which the energy vibrates. At the core, both you and water exist as the same energy. It’s simply the vibrational output of the energy that causes differing physical manifestations.

In other words, we are all energetically interconnected. It makes no difference if it’s a tree, a chicken, a pig, a bird, a flower, a child, a woman, or a man. We are all vibrating energy and energy is what creates the powerful force that we all share called life.

Our quality of consciousness determines the vibrational intensity of the energy projected which then determines what is attracted to us. When we live from a higher state of resonance (or consciousness) that connects us to our authentic Self, we remember – on an energetic level – our interconnection with all life and we make more compassionate and loving choices as a result. In this same way, we determine what we’ll experience in our lives based on the resonance that we choose to project.

We are the ones in charge of our energy and the Universe merely reflects this energy and gives us more of what we emit. Think of yourself like a tuning fork. You emit your own energetic signal and those who resonate with a similar frequency will resonate with you.

When I was a wee young lass, one of the greatest pieces of wisdom bestowed on me by my father came from these words, “Debbie, you will please some of the people some of the time but you won’t please all of the people all of the time. Always stay with your truth because that’s all that matters.”

When we stay in our truth, we resonate from a higher frequency. When we stay in love, we resonate from a higher frequency. When we’re connected to our essential nature, we resonate from a higher frequency. And when we resonate from a higher frequency, we attract others who resonate from a higher frequency.

Today’s Unplug podcast interviewee resonates from a frequency so high that she’s not only transforming the lives of many others, she’s transforming the entire paradigm that we live in.

This is why we connected. Kindred spirits resonating with a similar frequency to crush status quo and co create an entirely new paradigm based on authentic expression and truth.

Louise LeBrun is a woman who is profoundly connected to her truth, her purpose, her passion, and the limitlessness of her higher wisdom.

Louise calls herself an activist for accelerated human evolution. And what exactly does this mean? In my model of the world it means “get the hell out of your way and live a meaningful life that is so much more than your meager little intellect could every comprehend.”

Pulling from her website:

Louise is a true visionary, an activist, a cutting-edge thinker, writer, speaker, educator and Coach.

“Her unwavering commitment to her own evolution has been the key to maintaining a cutting-edge perspective on human evolution. Her willingness to transform her personal discoveries into simple and accessible processes for others makes it possible for you to accelerate your own evolution with less effort and outstanding results.”

Louise LeBrun is the Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute and creator of the ever-growing and profoundly effective WEL-Systems body of knowledge – a gateway to the paradigm shift essential to living as a Quantum Biological Human (check that out on her website). The Wel-Systems approach to transformation is all about diving into the deep end of your own potential.

Sounds pretty amazing eh? Louise is fiercely passionate about transformation. She knows that we are all capable of being so much more. In her words, “transformation requires safety, science and a touch of the sacred. Anything less, and what we get is incremental change.”

In this week’s Unplug podcast episode we discuss:

• How internal referencing (guidance from your inner world) creates an entirely new paradigm for being.
• The transformative power of surrender.
• How to live as someone other than the byproduct of your upbringing.
• Learning to trust the body over the intellect.
• Re-establishing a connection to the body in order to move through the world with your light.
• Remembering the powerful simplicity of breath.
• How to penetrate the inter-generational cultural coma (aka status quo).
• How safety is the critical element for transformation.
• How we are NOT what we’ve been taught to believe we are.
• How shame is one of the most powerful mechanisms for controlling human behavior.
• How we perpetuate status quo through abdication.
• Daring to live a life of meaning.

This week’s interview will take you to places you’ve likely never explored and will have you thinking in ways that expand your consciousness so far out of the box that you won’t even remember that a box existed in the first place.

I’m really excited and deeply honored to share this conversation with you today. Listen up carefully because Louise LeBrun is about to rock your world!


How do you currently self identify in today’s world? (Move beyond the job titles, family labels, and cultural expectations.) Are you fully expressing the being of light that animates your physical body? If not, what is holding you back and how is it serving you to remain in a place of limitation?


• WEL-Systems Institute website.
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