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UP #55: A Deep Dive Conversation About Being Authentically Human With Julie “SriMati“ Piatt

UP #55: A Deep Dive Conversation About Being Authentically Human with Julie “SriMati“ Piatt

I write this post a few days prior to the shortest day of the year – the winter solstice. A time of silence and darkness – a still point poised between two states. When darkness gives birth to new light.

Solstice ceremonies have evolved across cultures for many millennia. Many Christmas traditions originated from winter solstice celebrations. For many people in today’s world however, the solstice is overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations. As joyful as this can be, the holiday season also presents ample opportunity for excesses such as over-consumption, overindulgence, over-stimulation and over-spending. This can lead to extra stress and feelings of depletion at a time of year that naturally calls us to slow down, turn inward and renew and replenish ourselves.

I mention this as an invitation for you to set aside some time to honor the solstice in a meaningful way that will connect you to nature, feed your spirit and nourish your body, while at the same time, remind you of the part you play in the larger order of the always changing, always renewing biosphere and cosmos. This could be as simple as lighting a candle, silently watching the sun rise or set, a walk in your favorite natural setting, sharing a compassionate meal of seasonal goodies with loved ones, or taking winter naps.

Whatever you do, be sure to honor this special time of year by remembering the importance of this beautiful planet and the role you play in making it better. Connect to your natural self, slow down, be still and leave the unnatural consumptive patterns of our hectic, disconnected culture behind. Try it – even for a few hours and observe how your soul responds. The simplest path to living an authentic and meaningful life is always found in the love that exists in the quiet moments.

Speaking of living an authentic and meaningful life, this week, I have the pleasure of sharing an inspiring conversation with Julie “SriMati” Piatt about pain, purpose, service, spirituality, high-vibrational foods, and the often messy path towards authentic expression.

Julie is the beautiful woman who complements the life of plant-based, ultra-endurance athlete and author of “Finding Ultra”, Rich Roll (interviewed in Episode #18). She’s a frequent co-host on the Rich Roll Podcast where she willingly shares her plethora of spiritual wisdom with those who dare to explore more of who they are.

Julie is a multi-passionate woman with a true creative spirit which she expresses through her music, art, and food. Her mission is to serve her higher purpose in the most meaningful way that has the greatest impact on this planet. This mission is love. Julie is a yogini who has embraced the essence of the Baghavad Gita in a way that has led her to an ever expansive sense of purpose that inspires others to embrace the core of who they are.

Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled to be connected to such a committed and compassionate kindred spirit.

Julie and I dig into many deep topics that reveal the tumultuous consistency of the human experience. She shares her journey towards the plant-powered way that she and Rich are so well known for as well as her deep devotion to her spirituality and how this helps her remain centered in the eye of the storm that we know as life.

In this week’s show, we discuss:

  • Claiming your voice and honoring the creative self.
  • How pain is what leads us towards expansion and transformation.
  • The truth about gluten-free.
  • The importance of mastering emotions (emotional maturity), perspective, and where we put our energy, thoughts, and attention to direct the life of our choosing.
  • How the moments that bring us to our knees are often the most sacred.
  • The greatest service we can offer in today’s disconnected world is to connect to our authentic heart and express this with overwhelming passion.
  • The importance of staying out of fear, serving our soul mission, and choosing to see things from a Divine perspective.
  • How we have the power in every moment to shift our perspective of any single event.
  • Plant-based nutrition is the first thing we need to adopt to align ourselves with an elevation in consciousness.
  • How our bodies are the greatest conduit for intuitive communication.
  • Intuition is the higher mind that lives in the heart and expresses through feeling.
  • How yoga connects us to our body which connects us to intuition.
  • By going vegan, we become a healer.

Julie and Rich have co-authored a new cookbook titled “The Plant Powered Way” which will be published in April of 2015 by Avery/Penguin. It’s sure to be a big seller so keep your eyes peeled on their websites for the big release announcement!

Julie has a plethora of wisdom to share and I am one of many who is deeply grateful for her existence. I hope you enjoy today’s inspirational show with Julie “SriMati” Piatt.


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