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Join the revolution

Join the Cultural Revolution!

No free reports. No false promises. No scarcity tactics. No hype.

No seductive bribes, guru promises, 7-step methods, or hacks to cheat you out of life.

Just a bold invitation to crush status quo and co-create the better world your heart knows is possible: a world based on authentic expression, purpose, creativity, simplicity, love, compassion, and action.

Sound good? Come on in!

My promises to you:

1) We live in a world of relentless distraction.

So many desperate voices selling their opinions, “expert” advice, and quick-fix solutions that will change your life.

What bullsh*t!

We don’t need advice, we need inspiration. We don’t need opinions, we need empowerment. We don’t need apps, we need relationships—with each other and with ourselves!

Advice limits. Inspiration awakens. Inspiration + action liberates.

My offering is simple: Engaging conversations that inspire and activate a better life and a better world.

Through the transformative power of stories from my own life as well as the lives of inspirational cultural revolutionaries who are making a difference in the world, we dive into the heart of what it means to be truly human. Authentic stories of transformation shared with unapologetic transparency that inspire you to open your heart, step right in, and unleash the creative force from within.

Are you ready to let yourself go?

2) We live in a shortcut world of empty promises.

“Six-pack abs in 30 days for a hot and sexy body”; “Transform your life in six short weeks”; “Five day fat-blasting formula that dissolve pounds before your eyes”; “Monetize your passion in 10 simple steps and never work again”.

Lies, lies, lies!

Hacking at life destroys the soul. Four hour work weeks, four minute workouts, seven steps to this, five steps to that … three steps to insanity. Shortcuts in life net the same end result: burnout, disappointment and emptiness.

Life is an ongoing creative experience—a series of one-time only moments. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

I’m here to remind you to slow down, feel, breathe, and reconnect to the power of presence. Reclaim your soul.

3) I’m grateful for the gift of your time.

I honor you for caring about the message that I’m sharing. Occasionally, I’ll share a product or service that I feel may be of use to you. There will be no false promises or manipulative scarcity talk. I despise it so why wouldn’t you? Integrity is my modus operandi, so anything I share is designed to serve in a way that enriches rather than hacks at your life.

3) I’ll appear in your in box once a month.

Occasionally you may see me more than that, but only if it’s so awesome that I can’t contain myself. Each month I send out new inspired thought, the latest podcasts, and meaningful information to activate your heart. Simplicity, love, passion, critical thought, compassion, and purpose, the kind of stuff that the world needs so much more of.

Status quo sucks. Exit now. Subscribe.

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