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UP #75: Boundaries And Beyond With Louise LeBrun

UP #75: Boundaries and Beyond with Louise LeBrun

According to the American Heritage dictionary, boundaries are defined as an “indicated border or limit.”

When we think of personal boundaries, we often reference the imaginary borders that indicate where we begin and another person ends. When our boundaries are solid, we’re rooted in our authentic Selves. When our boundaries are healthy, we have well developed identities that are distinct from others – the way it should be. We’re no longer dependant on the beliefs, opinions and judgements of others to define our personal worth.

Without healthy boundaries, we find ourselves enmeshed in the emotional lives of others. Yuck!

But there’s so much more to boundaries than meets the eye. The word “boundary” implies something that exists outside of ourselves. True boundaries aren’t defined externally however. They exist within. If we take this even further, they’re not really “boundaries at all; they’re the voice of our intuition, or authentic self. When we experience a boundary violation, it’s because we’ve derailed from our inner truth.

Our culture conditions us to dishonor ourselves. As a result, we’re overworked, exhausted, frustrated, anxious, depressed, resentful, and, in many cases, abused. By not honoring our internal truths, we not only compromise ourselves, we separate from the essence of who we authentically are.

As we set clear boundaries based on what lives within, we discover a clearer sense of our spiritual presence in the world. We’re also keenly aware of boundary violations. When we’re plugged in to our authentic self, our inner strength carries us through life and boundary creation is no longer a necessity

This week’s conversation is a powerful exploration of boundaries…and so much more. This week I speak with the force of nature known as Louise LeBrun. Louise is gifted in her ability to demolish old paradigms with her simple, yet profound wisdom.

This week, we explore:

• What is a boundary?
• Who we are influences what we know.
• Paying attention to our inner cues.
• How we often violate ourselves when we don’t honor our truth.
• Awakening to internal referencing (and how this will change the world).
• How we become adept at silencing the screams inside ourselves so that we only hear the commands of the external world.
• When we live externally references lives, we are less likely to have solid boundaries.
• When someone ignores a boundary, that is their response (and it requires no more engagement).
• Permission to change your mind!
• Be yourself and tell the truth – the secret to an authentic life!
• What is a nomimalization?
• How our lives are intended to be fluid.

Louise LeBrun consistently alters my world in ways that create expansion. I’m confident that this week’s conversation will do the same for you.


• WEL-Systems website.
• New Paradigm – New World! Louise’s game-changing multi-media e-book on iTunes. Get it!
Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis by Alanna Mitchell.

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