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UP #29: Perception Is Everything With Beca Lewis

UP #29: Perception is Everything with Beca Lewis

How do you perceive your life? How do you perceive the world? Is life a gift, or a chore? Is the world abundantly beautiful, or abundantly painful?

Or is it all of the above…or none of the above?

The truth is that there is no right answer. How we perceive our existence on planet earth stems from how we distort, delete, and generalize our experiences through our internal processing filters. And how we filter the influx of information, memories, and experiences in our lives determines our perceived worldview.

How we perceive reality can also be altered as quickly as flipping a switch. Do we perceive the world through the limited data of the intellect or do we perceive the world through the expansive wisdom of the heart?

There’s a saying that our thoughts create our reality. And its absolutely true. For instance, let’s say that you buy into an unexamined belief system that makes you feel unworthy in life. Because this is your perceived reality, this is also going to be your manifested reality. No amount of external cheerleading from others will be able to alter this belief as the roots lie deep within the subconscious depths of your mind. As a result, unworthiness becomes a habituated pattern of thought that repetitively manifests itself in your conscious behaviour – which often means that you play small and have a fear of acting on your dreams since you don’t think you’re worthy of actually making them happen. It often means a life driven by “should’s”, “could’s”, and “would’s” and a detachment from authentic expression.

The only way out, is in. Through conscious awareness and honest self discovery, breaking through belief systems that keep you trapped in repetitive patterns of unworthy thought is a very real possibility. This is how a perceptual shift can break you out of mental patterns that hold you back in life.

But perception isn’t limited to our own personal belief systems. Perception also has a dramatic effect on collective status-quo belief systems. Collective thought patterns in mainstream culture are often based on the premise of separation. Examples include: the consumption of certain animals, while others are pets; the scarcity of money, despite the fact that most money exists only as numbers moved from one computer to another; the notion of competition to succeed, despite the obvious benefit of collaboration to create a much deeper sense of success; and how humans label some feelings as “good” and others as “bad” despite the fact that suppressed feelings are the number one cause of the rampant plague known as depression.

Ultimately it comes down to two perceptual choices in our personal lives and in our collective lives. Perceptions that connect us to the source of all life or perceptions that separate us from the source of all life.

The saying that perception is everything has alot of weight behind it. Perception can break us or it can make us. It can destroy the world or it can transform the world. Ultimately, the choice is ours. This shows the incredible power that we have with our minds. Perception also has the immense power to unite head with heart. When we close the incongruent gaps in our consciousness, this is how we elevate it. When we move from thought to feeling, we connect more fully to truth. And when our minds are connected to our hearts, we become an unstoppable force for miraculous transformation – in our own lives as well as in the lives of others.

Perception is powerful. How we filter the world matters and today’s interview guest is an expert on helping people create perceptual shifts that help to bust free from the prison of limited perceptions, habits, and paradigms.

Beca Lewis is a personal and business consultant, speaker, author of eight books, and the creator of the 7-step system called the Shift which works to help people fulfill their life’s purpose from the inside out – from perception to reality.

Beca has an interesting background – from arts, literature and dance, to publishing and financial planning. She’s had ample opportunity to learn about the power of perception within herself as well as with the many clients she’s worked with over the years. Beca knows her stuff!

This week we delve into the depths of some commonly held belief systems around scarcity and Beca tackles them head on – with passion and with love.

Beca is a beautiful soul with a gigantic heart and a total dedication to bettering lives through the simple, yet powerful magic of perception.

Some of the topics we cover today include:

• What is a paradigm?
• How most paradigms are created to keep you confined within limited beliefs.
• How beliefs are mini paradigms and how the principle of love is a non paradigm.
• Do your beliefs move you towards love and simplicity…or not?
• The importance of conscious choices to live authentically.
• How quality words can connect you to your purpose.
• The difference between feelings and emotions.
• Moving through the scarcity mindset of money.

This week’s conversation with Beca Lewis is apt to challenge beliefs that you may not have known about. She offers a helping hand out of the paradigm of smallness with her knowledgeable experience and kind-hearted wisdom. Enjoy!


What perceptual shifts can you make in your life to invite more connection – to your own essence as well as the essence of others?


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