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UP #96: Saving Our Oceans: The Undersea World Of Nicole McLachlan

UP #96: Saving Our Oceans: The Undersea World of Nicole McLachlan

“No water, no life. No blue, no green.” —Sylvia Earle

Nicole McLachlan is a passionate 25 year old ocean advocate living down under in the Gold Coast of Australia.

Nicole’s greatest passion is to bring awareness to marine conservation issues into the hearts and minds of the masses. She’s also passionate about teaching an appreciation for our wild oceans and marine ecosystems to the youth of the world.

Nicole has spent countless hours above and underwater bearing witness to the plight of sea life in our oceans. She’s worked with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society documenting and exposing the brutality of the Japanese dolphin and whale slaughter. She’s been an active advocate for the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. She’s attended meetings of the International Whaling Commission meeting to give voice for young people around the globe against the slaughter of marine mammals.

Nicole has also been an active ambassador for the ocean with her tireless speaking gigs that include educational talks at schools, universities, and events. And, if that’s not enough, she’s also in the process of creating a teen marine conservation documentary titled, “In Our Hands”.

Nicole’s most recent campaign project has been to raise awareness about the damage caused to marine life by shark nets and drum lines (which we speak about in this show). Because of the antiquated mentality of the Queensland government, indiscriminate lethal methods are used for shark control along Queensland beaches that not only kill sharks, but also dolphins, sea turtles and a plethora of other marine life.

After repeated frustrating attempts to speak with political representatives about non-lethal methods for dealing with sharks only to be shut down, silenced and ignored, Nicole decided to up the ante. On February 6, 2016, she went on a hunger strike, with the ultimate goal of increasing the protection for both humans and marine life off the coast of Queensland.

The purpose of the strike, was to:
• Mobilize the Queensland and Australia-wide general public to urge the Queensland State Government to invest in non lethal alternatives to shark mitigation efforts within the state as well as phasing out lethal shark control methods.
• Raise public awareness of and highlight the destruction caused by lethal shark control programs to both marine life and humans.
• Encourage public support for non lethal alternatives to the current shark control program in Queensland.

A big mission, but one that could easily be handled with Nicole’s passion-filled heart.
In this week’s show we discuss:

• The Japanese dolphin slaughter.
• Inspiring critical thought in children for transformative action.
• The true nature of sustainability.
• The dire state of our oceans.
• Living simply and close to nature for an abundant life of love and meaning.
• Why coral is such an important part of our ecosystem.
• What is ahimsa and how it supports Nicole’s campaign.
• What are shark nets and drum lines and why they are so damaging to marine life.
Nicole’s passion is palpable. She also exudes a zen-like wisdom that is far beyond her years. Enjoy this enlightening conversation with ocean warrior, Nicole McLachlan.


• Nicole’s hunger strike website.
• Nicole’s petition to protect marine life and humans along the Queensland Coast.
• The Cove documentary on Youtube.
• Blackfish documentary.
Sea Sick by Alanna Mitchell.
• Boomerang Bags website.
• Breaking the Habits that Bind with Len Goldsmith (episode #44) podcast.

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