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UP #116: Living Fully In The Now With Louise LeBrun

UP #116: Living Fully in the Now with Louise LeBrun

At this pivotal time in our history as a species on planet Earth, we are collectively operating from a state of overwhelming fear. Our resourcefulness is profoundly inhibited. Our capacity to trust is severely compromised, and the masses are reverting to primal instincts of survival. Safety in our world is quickly falling by the wayside. There are so many holes in the antiquated story of our world—the illusion—that the masses are grasping for something…anything that is familiar to ease their growing sense of unease. As a result, we’re witnessing a revival of days gone by when racism, sexism, speciesism, homophobia, etc. was ‘just the way it is’.

As this social regression plays out, violence is escalating—all while the biosphere is collapsing at an accelerated rate. There is no denying that we are living in frightening times.

Linear time has always been the great buffer to point us in the direction of a future. It has also served as an excuse for us to postpone our lives. But the accelerating changes with Gaea and the uncertainty of where we collectively stand means that our buffer of time is now severely compromised. In other words, there are no guarantees for a future anymore—especially a future that includes homo sapien.

Hostility and disbelief are typical responses when the buffer of time is removed from our lives. But the compression of time can also be great motivation to live fully now.

Gaea has removed the safety net of a future and is forcing us into the now. This is the essence of this week’s powerful conversation.

This week I speak with my friend and mentor, Louise LeBrun, a woman who has been pivotal in my personal evolution—a woman who challenges me to think more expansively and see the world through the limitlessness of my capital ‘S’ Self.

Louise sees the world in ways that are often difficult to articulate. She is gifted in her ability to put words to unspoken truths.

This week‘s episode is intense. My partner, Deb Gleason joins the conversation to bring greater dimension to this reality altering conversation.

This week, we shatter paradigms with topics such as:

  • The complexity of closure.
  • How fear cannot tolerate the increasing complexity of our world.
  • How the brevity of our existence converts to motivation to live now.
  • How linear time is a buffer to postpone our lives.
  • An important conversation about timelines.
  • How personal evolution leads to non-compliance.
  • The liberation of impermanence.
  • The sacredness of moments.
  • How letting go frees oneself to finally live!
  • RIG: A new take on love.
  • How climate change is a reflection of a collective mindset.
  • Why presence is so elusive.
  • How the living organic system of humanity is not separate from Gaea.
  • How does a spiritual being live in a human world?
  • Releasing the notion of permanence.
  • How evolution of our Selves is a purpose we all share.

This week’s conversation is probably the most important conversation I’ve had to date and I’m grateful to now be able to share it with you.


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this broadcast!

    While I am also in a huge point of transition myself, I have been enormously conflicted with my feelings. For years I have always been told that you are always supposed to care for the collective-that you are supposed to go out there and help the collective in any way possible-that the age of the lone wolf was over, that the lone monk that separated him/herself in order to cultivate their spiritual well-being was self-centered and selfish. However, for years I have observed that the collective was increasingly embracing a malignant energy with absolute abandon and it has turned me off to no end to the point where I want to distance myself from the collective as much as possible. I no longer believe that the collective can be helped, as it seems content to swim in the murky, stinking slime. I have come to the conclusion that there are truly good individuals out there, and I would love to connect with those individuals. However, I have no wish to deal with the collective whatsoever. Truthfully, I honestly feel that the extinction of humankind is good for Mother Nature and good for the Universe. Mother Nature will rejuvenate, and the Universe will still be here. They will get their rebirth, and they deserve their rebirth!
    Both will continue to create for eternity.

    For a while a part of me thought that this attitude was callous, and bad karma. Now, I don’t feel that way anymore. You can’t be callous to a callous collective, after all. I don’t feel that I have to reach out to people who don’t give a damn. I want to care about myself, my family, and all of the good individuals out there. I also want to do what I can to help the environment and the other species out there, even in these end times. I want to live a life of excellence, as my hero Guy McPherson likes to say, and that life doesn’t include the lost collective who thinks that listening to idiots like Alex Jones and John Lamb Lash is the equivalent to taking the red pill!

    Again, thank you so much! Now I know that I am truly on the right path!

    Godspeed and much love,

    Diane 😀

    1. Diane,

      Loved your comment! Deeply caring about ourselves and the ones that we choose to keep close as well as the earth and the animals is already doing so much. To dilute that love into the collective who as you say are so callous takes away from what matters.

      I believe it is time to stop doing what culture has trained us to do and simply be our biggest, best, most authentic selves. This will be truly instrumental in our own evolution and if our light happens to shine on others and stick well that is a nice bonus.

      Deb G.

    2. Thank you for your inspiring comment Diane! You’ve helped me realize that my non-separation is directly connected to the non-separate web of life that I know I am a part of: animals, the natural world and the handful of homo-sapiens who remember their own non-separate essence. The collective is on its own timeline of which I want no part. And so, I separate myself from them. I’ve come to realize that giving energy to the collective is akin to offering my jugular to Count Dracula. Not interested.

      It’s taken years for me to get this, but I finally understand that when we give of ourselves to the coma (in the hopes of making things better), precious energy is wasted and subsequently infected by the ‘murky, stinking slime’ of hopium. With that, my connection to Gaea and the sacred is diluted. That doesn’t work for me. With no remorse, my allegiance is to Gaea and Gaea alone. Some will resonate (like you), while the masses will continue their sleepwalk over the cliff. I no longer care. It’s over.

      It’s incumbent upon me/us to live awakened, connected lives of love and compassion for no other reason than because that is who I am/we are. Like Louise said in this conversation, “I am here to evolve”. Evolution has nothing to do with the collective and everything to do with remembering who I am/we are. And as Deb G said, “if our light happens to shine on others and stick, well that is a nice bonus.”

      With gratitude to you!


      PS. Confession: For my entire life, I have ached for an end to the madness. Like you, I know that the demise of homo sapien is the salvation for Gaea. Once we are nothing but a distant memory, Gaea will finally be able to evolve unhindered. I only wish we didn’t take every other living being down with us. 🙁

  2. Good morning, All!

    Thank you, Diane, for choosing to become visible in the truth of your experience. I was immediately struck by your reference to “ I have been enormously conflicted with my feelings.”

    In a world of matter shaped by intention, an experience of conflicted feelings creates chaos – individually and ultimately, collectively. When I look around, that is what I see reflected back to us in the ‘reality’ of our physical world.

    Imagine a world where we – as evolving Beings, from arrival to departure – are encouraged to know, trust and embrace the truth of our own experience. Where our internal references take precedence over any external cue to define ’truth’ or ‘reality’. What might we then, subsequently, have collectively created?

    We will never know unless and until we own the depth of our great and unique power to create. Any collective begins with The One that each of us is.

    Rock on!

  3. I want to thank the three of you for responding to my comments!

    Your responses are absolutely spot on for me, and I consider them to be the best gifts that I can receive as I continue on my path.

    Here’s wishing the three of you powerful women an amazing Holiday Season and an amazing Winter Solstice!


    Diane 😀

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