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UP #109: Giving Voice To The Whispers From Within With Louise LeBrun

UP #109: Giving Voice to the Whispers from Within with Louise LeBrun

From the moment we’re no more than an idea in our parents heads, we’re being groomed to search outside of ourselves for cues on how to live our lives. By the time we’re birthed into flesh, we’re taught to conform to the culture. Essentially, our domestication (read: enslavement) consists of: birth, conformity, compliance, consumption, ignorance, denial, and death. We’re not taught that we matter. We’re not told that what differentiates us is who we are. We’re not taught to think critically or question anything. We’re not told that our voices are worthy. We’re not taught that what lives within us—our truth—is our compass for deep authenticity. We’re not told that our lives are finite and that we must live fully now.

I’ve been thinking a lot of death lately. It’s been a constant source of inspiration since my fathers death in 1999 and even more so since the untimely death of my mother in 2010. The ever present shadow of death is what prompts me to live fully now. I believe that many people fear death because they fear life. I also believe that many people fear death because they fear their own evolution. On a deeper level, I believe that we all know that we’re here to evolve and grow and expand into always more. But we’re culturally conditioned by our parents, relatives, friends, teachers, authority figures, etc. who were culturally conditioned by their parents, relatives, friends, teachers, authority figures and so on and so on to serve the system rather than our own truth. And so we never fully live. And in never fully living, we fear our own demise because we unconsciously know the regret it will bring up. This keeps us trapped in a perpetual state of ignorance and denial to ourselves—and also to life.

My motto is as follows: “Evolve as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die tomorrow.” Because of this, I’m exceedingly selective with who I invite into my life.

I’m honored to call Louise LeBrun friend. She’s a paradigm-altering powerhouse who continually shatters my perceptions and feeds my hunger to be so much more.

Earlier this month, Louise invited me to participate in her life-altering 10-day writing experience called, “Whispers From Within”. It’s a small group experience for women who are hungry to know more of themselves. Without revealing too much in these show notes, I will let you know that the experience is deeply personal and profoundly transformative. We speak at great length about what came up for us in this week’s lengthy podcast.

As always with Louise, we go deep and wide exploring topics such as:

  • The feeling of agitation that comes from living in a “holding pattern”.
  • How agitation is often an indicator of change.
  • What is real anymore?
  • The suppression and hatred of the feminine.
  • The roots of misogyny and how they prevent wholeness (personally and collectively).
  • The power of conversation to move energy into matter.
  • A different take on patriarchy.
  • The power of language to nurture or destroy.
  • How we’re deeply conditioned to self-edit.
  • How conversation expands in the safety and presence of others.
  • How most limitations live in our minds.
  • A conversation about privilege.
  • How parenting safeguards the status quo.
  • How self awareness is dangerous to the status quo.
  • How life lives in the questions, not the answers.
  • Exploring death as a new beginning.

This conversation is raw, fierce, edgy, and provocative. It’s everything that ignites the fire that feeds an insatiable hunger for infinite expansion.

As always with Louise LeBrun, prepare for liftoff!


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