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UP #100: Beyond Vegan: An Exploration Of Consciousness With Louise LeBrun And Deb Gleason

UP #100: Beyond Vegan: An Exploration of Consciousness with Louise LeBrun and Deb Gleason

“When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart, that is consciousness” —Bhagavad Gita

Episode #100 is a pivotal conversation that plummets to depths not yet explored on this show. It exposes the rotting, hidden-from-view cracks in our cultural machine that cause immense destruction to the Earth, and devastating blind spots in our psyche.

We are at a critical time in the history of the planet and our own lives where the impact of our choices is rising to the surface of our awareness. Many of us are waking up from the cultural coma that has created massive destruction to our biosphere, our bodies, and to the lives of billions of sentient beings. This wake up call is an invitation to honor our deep intuition and consciously explore the food choices that have the great potential to reconnect us to the web of life.

Examining what we ingest as a metaphor for how we choose to live offers us the opportunity to expand into a more authentic version of ourselves that is no longer bound by the cultural conditioning of the predominant food system.

This week I speak with my partner, Deb Gleason and my paradigm-altering mentor and friend, Louise LeBrun about reclaiming wholeness, expanding consciousness and reconnecting to our deepest core essence through the food choices that can become a portal to our soul. Beyond vegan is an exploration of consciousness through food by making the invisible, visible so that we can make choices that align with our inherent compassion for life.

This conversation is immense. Some of the topics we explore are:

  • How we’re the only species on the planet who has no clue how to intuitively feed ourselves.
  • How vegan is a potential gateway to a deeper sense of self.
  • Moving beyond vegan as an identity or strategy.
  • How our identity labels confine us.
  • What we eat is what we become. Are we predators?
  • How our conditioned choices perpetuate a disconnect from our true self.
  • How humans have unconsciously adopted a predatory nature at the peril of the world and our souls.
  • How dairy and eggs are the ultimate violation of the feminine.
  • Every choice we make has a massive impact on this planet and whether we ultimately have a future.
  • How we are indoctrinated into a system of violence that is perpetuated with our choices.
  • How we are unconscious to our true selves and how this causes immense destruction.
  • How parenting is at the root of our cultural dysfunction.
  • How dairy is a potent contributor to the numbing out of who we authentically are.
  • How our palettes change as our awareness changes.

This is an aggressive, raw, honest, intense, vulnerable, profound, and powerful heart and mind expanding conversation. I guarantee that you will not look at the world the same way after listening to this one.


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  1. As for the Beyond Vegan conversation, I know that, top down, I have arrived at the final frontier of the ‘food conversation’, as a metaphor for how humans feed themselves at multiple levels of thinking; it all started 9 years ago with the conversation about ‘food’ as a nominalization. Who knew it would come to this? Nine years. 9, the number of endings into beginnings. As I hear others talk about the ‘diet’ plans they are following, I could gag: no carbs, no potatoes, no this, no that… and all I hear is the underpinnings of the bullshit hype of marketing and the rules and dogma of parenting as a form and structure for conformity, reward and punishment. I think that it should be an easy task to simply change my mind about it all; yet I realize that the enculturation to fit into pack think about food and eating is tantamount to a noose around my neck. Even worse, it feels like a guillotine of some sort. This is where my rage, outrage and despair resides. If slaughter is not now nor ever has been my essential nature… and compassion is… then my core value to live and respect life has been fraudulently defiled, even before I arrived on the planet. I have become what my mother ate, at multiple levels of thought, long before I was even conceived. This is an outrage to me. And, if that is not the utter denial of the feminine, then I don’t know what else is. And, now, at age 70 years +, I AM the only one who can do anything about it in and for my own life.

    1. Sheila: There are no words to convey the pain I feel in your words/from your words. They impact me at my deepest core, knowing that I too was fraudulently defiled by an antiquated, self-perpetuating coma infected with vile and violent beliefs. Your words hit me squarely in the heart. I now understand on an even deeper level why I felt so liberated—and continue to feel so—by the choices I made to end the madness in my own life so many years ago. I thank you deeply for expanding my own awareness.

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